Session 1: Why Go Digital?

  1. Learn the latest trends in dentistry and the importance of digital technology in the current landscape.
  2. Appreciate the benefits of digital dentistry on patient experience, practice growth and differentiation, outcome quality and workflow efficiencies.
  3. Appreciate the benefits and applications of intra-oral scanning
  4. Utilizing digital intra oral impression for single and multiple restorations.
  5. Realize how everyday scanning improves the practice workflow and enables a more efficient patient data collection
  6. To introduce and compare the precision and efficiency of digital clinical technology to traditional analog methodologies.
  7. To introduce and compare the latest digital technologies and make suggestion as which ones are must haves today and which ones are still developing.
  8. Understanding the role of 3D printing and milling machines
  9. Advancement of 3D printing in dentistry and it’s use as it pertains to restorative options
  10. Understanding what does a Full Digital Workflow mean and its benefits

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